2023 Talbot St Construction

Week of September 5th – 8th, 2023

Below is an update on what is scheduled for this week September 5th – 8th.
String line for curb the new curb is now completed and the new curbs will start to be placed on Tuesday. One the curbs are completed the concrete pads for the parking laybys will be poured, and the road will be fine graded for placement of base asphalt. A reminder to allow for a minimum of 24 hours before stepping or walking over the freshly placed curb.
Upcoming work for Stage 2 (City Hall to Ross Street)
• Curb (Tuesday/Wednesday)
• Concrete parking pads
• Fine grade roadway
• Pave base asphalt
For more information, please visit the project webpage at www.stthomas.ca/talbot

Downtown St Thomas is OPEN FOR BUSINESS

Dear Property Owner/Business Owner/Resident,
The Talbot Street Phase 3 project has been approved by City Council and it will proceed to construction in March 2023.
Important Dates:
Week of March 13th – Setting up traffic control, construction signage, and fencing in stage 1 of the project (Mary St. to City Hall) Vehicle and on street parking will remain during this process.
Week of March 20th – Construction will begin in stage 1 (Mary St. to City Hall) Detour will be set up to route traffic around the construction zone. No vehicular or on street parking will be available in the first stage during construction.
The project involves the replacement of Sewers, Watermain, Utilities, Street lights, Road, and Sidewalk. Construction will generally progress from west to east with the first stage being from Mary Street to City Hall (March to July) and second stage from City Hall to Ross Street (July – October).
See below for some information on what to expect during construction.
Vehicle Traffic: To facilitate a safe work environment and a compressed schedule, Talbot Street Phase 3 will be closed to traffic. A detour route will be in place for each phase and is shown on the project website –
Pedestrian Traffic: Sidewalk access to business’s will be maintained as much as possible. Construction activities that will impact access will be sewer and water connections, sidewalk forming and pouring and
utility adjustments. Advance notice will be provided when access will be restricted, and signage placed to indicate where the sidewalk is interrupted.
Parking: On street parking will not be permitted within the limits of construction during the project or outside of work hours, unauthorized vehicles must remain out of the construction zone and may be towed
without notice.
Water Impacts: Water service will generally be maintained throughout the project. There will be periods of time when connections are made to the new system that water will not be available. You will receive
advance notice of this work. After hour connections for business that are water sensitive can be made. Please reach out to Ryan Pflanzner at rpflanzner@stthomas.ca or by phone at 519-631-1680 ext. 4197 to request an after-hour connection during construction.
Vibration: Construction equipment can cause vibrations. Please ensure you protect any valuables susceptible to damage.
Garbage/Recycling Collection: Access for garbage/recycling collection will be maintained when possible. In the event there is a disruption, the contractor will pick up your garbage (where you usually leave it) and
move it to a location it can be picked up at. Please mark your municipal address on all your containers so they can be returned.
Further information can be found at stthomas.ca/talbot.

Accessibility Improvements
The city will be installing accessibility ramps and parking spots generally at the ends of each parking bay similar to what is now existing west of Mary Street. The sidewalk elevation in front of businesses will remain as it is today. This may be an opportunity to improve store front accessibility via. building modifications to the interior and / or vestibule entrance areas. Note that the maximum slope for a ramp is 5%. This means you will need 2m of distance to drop 100mm or 3m to drop 150mm. A building permit is required.
Internal Plumbing Investigations
The city has retained a plumber (Drain-Cam) to do internal investigations at some businesses and residences prior to construction to confirm sanitary and water service connections that are currently unknown, these investigations are important to ensure everything is re-connected properly during construction. If investigations are required to your building a representative from Drain-Cam will be in contact with you to schedule a time to do the investigation. These pre-investigations will help keep the project schedule on track by reduce investigation efforts during construction.
Further Communications
If you are interested in receiving e-mails with project status updates, send an e-mail to rpflanzner@stthomas.ca to be added to the construction update list. The Downtown Development Board will also be communicating project
If you have any questions about this project, please contact the City’s Project Manager:

Ryan Pflanzner, C.TECH.
Capital Works
519-631-1680 ext. 4197

Situations may arise during construction wherein the city may want to contact property owners in a timely fashion. We would ask that you fill out the attached Construction Contact Form. We look forward to this project and the opportunity to renew and improve our City’s infrastructure.

To be kept informed as to the Talbot Street Construction updates, please print, complete and forward this form according the instructions found on the form.

Even though parking on Talbot Street will be limited, you can still easily visit your favourite Downtown business using the many parking lots located with an easy stroll of Downtown St Thomas. Click to view and print a map of all parking lots.


To view the construction details and drawings, please click on this link to visit the St Thomas website: https://www.stthomas.ca/cms/One.aspx?portalId=12189805&pageId=18925800


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